Rose Froze is a self-taught artist based in Seattle, Washington, USA. She is a model, visual artist, sound engineer, vocalist, and art enthusiast. Rose supports her community by participating in United Way events, as well as charitable races and runs, and other voluntary art events, as she believes a sense of community is part of The Arts. 

Rose grew up as a young child studying art and music. Her parents both shared the love of photography. Her father was a sculptor and her mother, a geologist. In her early childhood years,  Rose went on archeological digs, digging for opals, stargazing, swimming in the hot springs, and climbing mountains. Recognizing the unique opportunity to witness and participate in a grand art event, her parents allowed her  to skip the whole first week of school for numerous years in the early nineties in order to go study art and expression at Burning Man. There, she was able to study and learn to appreciate many forms of art from many different cultures. If Rose wasn’t exploring the terrain in the desert, she would be at fine art museums, playing sports, working with the paint program on the computer, examining the textures of fine fabrics and gemstones or engaging in piano and vocal lessons. Rose consequently acquired many artistic skills which  she developed a passion for that have remained a part of her life since her younger years. 

When she turned of age, Rose began modeling and planning conceptual art photoshoots, and feels grateful to work with great people & express herself through fashion and modeling.  She started studying graphic design and web development, and was self-employed for numerous years before deciding to learn skills in the medical field. Rose wanted to remain dynamic, so  she decided to also formally study the fields of medicine and dentistry, which allowed her to contribute positively to the health and wellness of people in a surgical environment.  

Rose took piano and vocal lessons for many years, has a classical background, and began writing her own pieces on sheet music at age 8. She continued to study music composition and theory in high school, and began delving into the digital music production scene at 20. She learned recording and vocal editing techniques, while developing her own vocal style. Rose started her label, CandyTrip Records in order to share her sounds. Rose has just recently released a symphony called “All That is Lost” which is dedicated to the tragic events of 2020. Her next album is scheduled for release before the end of 2020.