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~Model Artist Producer~

~Model Artist Producer ~

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Graphic Design





Sound Design


Mixed-Media Fine Art










 I’ve been designing things on the computer since I was 5 years old. I got my first laptop when I was 8 years old; it was a monochrome Toshiba running MS-DOS, equipped with floppy disk drive, and the paint program! Growing up in this digital era, learning many different softwares is pretty standard, and thus, I learned many through self-study.

I grew up attending a festival called Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, as my mother was a scientist in the region and studied the area. I basically got to skip my first week of school every year for many years in order to witness and participate in the extreme forms of art and self expression that define the Burning Man event. I started going in the early 90’s and I definitely attribute a lot of my artistic intent, and creative influence to attending the event. 

Here comes the musical theory: I was trained classically on piano for many years. I soon learned to play the music by ear instead of reading the sheet music. And I guess I kind of always made my own compositions. I participated in choir and band. Then it was time to trade in the plethora of tactile, organic instruments (my mother’s Burning Man hippy instruments, and when I say trade in, I mean give away)  for my shiny laptop with midi controllers, digital synthesizers, turntables, and software- GOING ALL DIGITAL!

Then there’s FASHION. Growing up seeing elaborate garbs, intricate makeup and hair- all insanely customized by unique individuals- pretty priceless. And this is why I enjoy modeling, wardrobe styling, and hair design: because we are walking art.

Thanks for reading about me!